Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Rumors, Specs, Features, Concept, Price, Preorders, and Release Date Info

So finally it’s official – Samsung has launched its much anticipated Galaxy S8 Active smartphone, thus putting an end to all the speculation that was doing the rounds. This is Samsung’s toughest Active smartphone yet, and also the most powerful one, so it’s certainly capable of raising many eyebrows.

Although Samsung decided to keep its launch muted by playing it simple with a press release, it’s certainly going to make some serious noise among all those smartphone buyers who prefer rough and tough phones. So let’s see what makes this device special.

Since bursting onto the scene some time ago, Samsung created a unique smartphone concept that has helped define the South Korean manufacturer. The Galaxy S Active has given consumers a reinvigorated touch on what is always regarded as one of the best smartphones of the year. Flash-forward to the year 2017 and we’re already starting to talk about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.

The Galaxy S8 Active will take on many unique properties that will undeniably refine the GS8. Samsung’s flagship which has easily become the best-selling smartphone series out of South Korea in recent years looks to bring out the very best in what consumers not only want, but need in an era where mobile technology has become our lifeline.

Below, we preview all there is to know on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Active including all rumors, specs, features, concept, price, preorders, and release date info.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Rumors

Probably the biggest of all Galaxy S8 Active rumors is the idea the concept is a thing of the past. Some analysts are suggesting Sammy will be hanging up the reigns on the most durable flagship smartphone on the market, but we believe this is far from true. There are numerous consumers that hooked on the nearly indestructible, amazing battery life, and high end specs in the Galaxy Active concept, and there is already plenty of interest in the GS8.

Samsung’s Active concept has been an AT&T exclusive since launching a few years back, but we’re hearing other carriers may finally get their first hands-on. We’re hearing Verizon and Sprint are both making huge strides in landing their version of the Galaxy S8 Active which is something AT&T doesn’t want. If this holds true, expect the GS8 Active to become even more popular on a global scale, and especially here in the US.

There are other Samsung Galaxy S8 Active rumors suggesting it will sport a bi-fold, foldable concept. Samsung identified this to be a thing of the future which makes the foldable concept a high probability. One of the biggest drawbacks is the rugged, and much bigger look and feel when comparing the Active to its predecessor which has left many consumers looking the other way. The rugged nature and foldable concept would appeal to a new breed of consumers looking for practicality in both durability as well as portability.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Specs

The GS7 Active sported many upgrades when comparing it to the specs of the GS6 Active. Expect more of the same with the Galaxy s8 Active specs which is believed to feature a UHD display, indestructible screen, more RAM, 3D visuals, even more battery life, and so much more.

Over the years we have seen an incremental improvement in the specs of the newest generation handsets including the Active series. The same rugged design is expected to return, but expect a slightly smaller, thinner and lighter handset. The S8 Active may just be the first Samsung smartphone to sport 3D quality recording and playback which would look absolutely amazing underwater.

The visuals is also expected to get an upgrade to a true UHD resolution. The GS7 Active sports a 2560 x 1440 resolution while the Galaxy S8 Active is believed to feature a 3840 x 2160 resolution. This might not sound like much, but you’ll notice the difference right away as games will come to life, movies will be crystal clear with rich color, and hopefully, 3D will virtually come to life.

Also, expect Sammy to bring back a 32GB variant which disappeared as an option for consumers with the GS7 Active. The new Active is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s newest processor. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 SoC which is expected to feature feature eight custom Kryo CPU cores. We’re talking about some serious power, speed, and will have a huge effect on battery consumption.

Below, we have detailed what we’re hearing will be the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active in 2017.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Specs
 Battery 4000 mAh
 Camera Features – Front 8MP secondary camera
 Camera Features – Rear 12MP primary camera
 Colors Gray, Gold
 Features Retina eye scanner, fingerprint scanner, rugged design, rapid wireless charging, IP68 rating, dust proof, waterproof, shockproof, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi
 Memory Upto 256Gb
 Operating System Android 7.0 Operating System
 Price $28.34/month for 30 months
 Processor Exynos 8895/Snapdragon 835 depending on the market
 Screen 5.8” Amoled
 Release Date August 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Features

One of the biggest features we’re hoping to see in the Galaxy S8 is a retina eye scanner. Smartphone manufacturers have been toying with eye scanners for some time, but only few have actually made it a reality. We’re hearing Samsung will be debuting eye scanners in all of their 2017 flagships including the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge, Galaxy S8 Active, and Galaxy Note 7. An eye scanner would likely replace the fingerprint scanner which has become somewhat of a standard feature in today’s flagships bringing with it a significant upgrade in security.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Concept

The Galaxy S8 Active concept is simple, it’s rugged and will be resistant to virtually every external source you can imagine. The shatterproof screen of the S7 Active will see an improvement and expect the top features including waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof to all return.

Probably the biggest notable difference will be seen in the overall size. Over the years, consumers have fallen in love with the rugged design, but the bulky exterior has deterred many consumers from giving the Active series a chance. Expect this to change with a lighter, thinner, and overall, a much more appealing concept in the S8 Active.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Price and Preorders

AT&T consumers will be able to get their preorders in as soon as the phone is made official which should be sometime in May. With huge consumer demand and the idea the Galaxy S8 Active will appeal to a wider array of consumers, this may be the only way to get your hands on one the day of launch.

The price is expected to come in just under $800 for those looking to pay the full purchase price, and a monthly payment option for those who aren’t. On AT&T Next, you can spread out the price of the phone over 30 installments which will come in around $24 month for a period of 2 ½ years. The day of 2-year contracts are all but over through AT&T making installment pricing the most popular option.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Release Date Rumors

All eyes will be on the release date which is projected to be June of 2017. With Samsung looking to launch their first flagship months before, the Galaxy S8 Active will become available during the summer. As of now, it looks like it’ll only become available through AT&T, although, there are numerous rumors to suggest both Verizon and Sprint will feature the S8 Active for the first time.

Firmware and Rooting of Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Rooting Android phones always provides enhanced features to any phone. You can get rid of the irritating or useless pre-installed applications, advertisement, mute notifications, etc. All you need to do to get these enhanced features is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active SM-G892U must be rooted “successfully.”


Root Samsung Galaxy S8 Active: Many people seek Galaxy S8 Active root to get access to internal files of an Android operating system and modify them. Many apps require root access, and people do so to install those root required apps or install Custom ROM on the device. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active root method is a very easy, any smartphone user can root his mobile by one click By Downloading Odin Tool.


Features of Odin Tool :

  • Flash Stock Firmware
  •  Flash Custom Firmware
  •  Flash Stock Recovery
  •  Flash Kernel
  •  Gain root access by flashing root packages
Steps to Download Odin Tool :

  • Step 1. Boot your Samsung device into download mode by pressing power, volume down and home buttons,hold the buttons until you see download mode screen.
  • Step 2. Connect your device in Download mode & launch Odin tool.
  • Step 3. Now, on Odin the “added” message will be displayed and the ID:COM field will be turned yellow or blue.
  • Step 4. Next, you have to click on “PA” and select the file with.tar/.tar.md5 extension from the extracted Stock firmware. Don’t check Re Partition and Auto Reboot options and when done click on “start”.


There’s no denying that every Samsung smartphone has become widely popular, and if you’re looking for a rugged handset, then the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will definitely be something worth waiting for. It’ll be interesting to see if AT&T is able to remain the only carrier to features Samsung’s durable handset, or if Verizon or Sprint will finally get their way.

Either way you have it, the Galaxy S8 Active will undeniably be a powerhouse sporting all of the top bells and whistles you would expect from a handset. We’ll continue to update you on the upcoming release of the 2017 S8 Active which should be made official during the 2nd quarter of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has been launched, and it’s already attracting more eyeballs than any other Active smartphone launched till date by the company. With its military grade toughness and powerful features, it has quickly become a popular thing among adventurers and all other lovers of sturdy smartphones.

However, if you’re still wondering whether this device is worth buying or not, we’re here to help you make a decision. Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of this device to understand whether it’s worth buying or not…Read More