Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has been launched, and it’s already attracting more eyeballs than any other Active smartphone launched till date by the company. With its military grade toughness and powerful features, it has quickly become a popular thing among adventurers and all other lovers of sturdy smartphones.

However, if you’re still wondering whether this device is worth buying or not, we’re here to help you make a decision. Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of this device to understand whether it’s worth buying or not:

 Solid design and build quality Thick and heavy
 Powerful performance Non-removable battery
 Great cameras capable of 4k video recording Lack of dual camera
 Large FHD display 
 5G Evolution technology 
 Solid battery backup 
 Multiple biometric authentication mechanisms (fingerprint sensor + iris scanners) 
 USB Type-C Port 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Pros

Let’s talk about the pros first. The two biggest advantages of this device are its solid build quality and massive 4,000 mAh battery. The device is dustproof, shockproof and waterproof, and its display is shatterproof – there’s a reason why Samsung is calling it a military-grade smartphone when it comes to toughness.

The battery is also quite powerful to keep the device going for long hours, which makes it a solid package for all people with “active”lifestyles.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Cons

However, that type of battery power and sturdy structure certainly comes at a cost. At 9.9 mm and 208.1 gms Galaxy S8 Active is not just thicker than most modern smartphones but also bulkier.

Lack of dual camera is another disadvantage in the device as more and more devices are now starting to come with dual camera setups on their back.


But despite above-given shortcomings, we can clearly see that the list of advantages in this devices is far longer than the list of disadvantages. Therefore, you can safely go for it if you want to.